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Determination of product strategy
counseling clients, negotiating and sale of a product or service,
customer acquisition,
trade negotiations,
obtaining certificates
ability to translate technical texts and sworn translations
pilot: contracts with foreign companies
representing companies at the fair
development of foreign trade companies,
strengthening the company's position in the market,
preparing bids,
making and accepting orders from manufacturers from abroad,
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control the execution of contracts of foreign
preparing documents necessary for export and import (invoices, certificates of origin, shipping documents),
organizing national and international transport and shipping of products,
quality control services,
study of competition,
analysis of customer needs,
contacts with customs agencies,
management department - managing a team of people,
contacts with key customers and suppliers (close cooperation with foreign partners),
Invoicing customers
practical implementation of customs procedures with economic - for example, inward processing, outward processing,
analysis of sales by commodity group and direction of sales (key customers),
preparation of periodic sales statistics and quantitative approaches to value,
design analysis and preparing reports to the board of the company,
drawing up plans and budgets and analysis of their implementation,
achievement of planned objectives (in accordance with previously adopted the budget plan).
development strategy to create brand / product
enabled the creation of brand image
increase the effectiveness of sales and brand awareness
planning and managing advertising and promotional campaigns
supervising the preparation of marketing materials and promotional
monitor and analyze market data and competitive
building a database of products
monitoring and evaluation of market data and competitive
cooperation with the sales department
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